This page: We have cared for many FIV cats over many years in our sanctuary. Our booklet '80 FIV cats, what they have taught us' describes just what the title says.

More about FIV - Booklet

Our booklet about FIV

First published November 2011
Fourth edition available November 2018

We have produced a booklet about our experience with the FIV cats that have lived in our sanctuary. We hope it will prove a useful resource for those who have to make decisions about FIV cats.

Catwork has been a private sanctuary for cats with special needs since 1996.

We took in our first FIV positive cat in 1997, since when we have cared for more than 80 cats with the virus.

They came to us at various ages, and in various states of health. The vast majority stayed with us, in the sanctuary, for the rest of their lives.

Through the experience of caring for these cats, we have learned what the FIV virus really means to a cat.

There is, sadly, a great deal of misunderstanding about the virus. What one reads is mainly based on academic theory rather than practice, making it misleading at best.

It is imperative that animal rescue groups and individuals deal properly with FIV cats. So our mission now is to pass on the information we have learned - the cats have taught us, now we want them to teach you.

This booklet explains the practical reality of FIV cats, based on our direct, hands-on, experience of caring for 80 FIV cats over the last fifteen years.

We want to distribute it to everyone who has decision-making responsibilities for FIV cats, so that all decisions are made on the basis of knowledge and understanding, rather than myth and hearsay.

If you care about cats, please request a copy of the booklet.

Thank you for taking the trouble to learn the realities of FIV.

The booklet is free to anyone who has dealings with FIV cats, because it is important for as many people as possible to know the realities of the virus.

However, if, when you read it, you find it informative, a donation towards the cost of producing and sending a free copy to the next person, would help us increase the awareness further - but that is entirely up to you.

The following is a list of the contents (Fourth edition):

p2 - The basic facts about FIV
p4 - A message to owners of FIV cats
p5 - A message to rescuers
p6 - So what is FIV all about?
p7 - In the beginning
p10 - Myths or facts
p16 - What are the symptoms of FIV?
p17 - What are FIV-related illnesses?
p20 - Having FIV doesn't make a cat ill
p23 - The Fivery
p27 - Health record of the sanctuary FIV cats
p34 - 1000 FIV cats project
p38 - FIV - what is it? strains and clades
p42 - FIV testing
p46 - What does FIV really do to the immune system?
p52 - FIV in perspective
p58 - How reliable is the research into FIV?
p64 - A 10-year study
p70 - Should FIVs be homed as indoor-only and only cats?
p76 - Examples of mixed households
p80 - Life and death after rescue
p82 - The Catwork FIV cats

(104 pages A5 wiro bound)

To request a copy, please email us with your postal address.

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See below for a few comments from those who have received the book:

"It is an absolutely excellent publication and hits just the right tone of information for interested lay people, and just the right tone of condemnation which hopefully will prick some consciences. The dedication says it all."
JM, Devon

"I have recently received a copy of your book '80 FIV cats'. Spot on!
...Your book would be a great aid in trying to educate some reluctant potential owners, as well as raising a much deserved smile with hard working rescue staff."
CM, Kent

"I think this a wonderful idea, and it will be a great tool for spreading the message that FIV really is no big deal."
SK, Newcstle upon Tyne

"Just wanted to say, WOW!!! it is absolutely fantastic, and by miles the best collection of info on FIV I have ever seen anywhere, and learned several things from it I didn't know."
SL, Norfolk

"It's a great book, featuring some fabulous cats, which could save lives!!"
G - obo CatChat founder

"Thank you for the book, wow it's beautiful."
SR, London

"Thank you so very much for sending me your book, I started to read it straight away, and just could not put it down till I finished it. What a mine of information, some sad, but mainly so very useful, I think this should be compulsory reading for all vets."
AG, Surrey

"A big thank you for your booklet. What a wonderfully informative and inspiring read."
CM, Midlands

"The booklet is so helpful and full of information"
MB, Hertfordshire

"Thank you for your wonderfully informative book about fiv"
NG, Cornwall

"Well done for producing such an informative book on FIV, it's lovely to also be able to read about the happy lives FIV cats are living at the sanctuary."
SA, London

"Thank you so much for sending me the book 80 FIV Cats.
It gave me the confidence to adopt an FIV cat. Larry from the Celia Hammond Trust.
I have had him for three weeks now and he is an absolute joy.
Thank you for writing this book."

"I have been looking for information on the net regarding FIV and care of cats with FIV and with a sigh of relief, I found your website!!"
NR, Australia

"Thank you so much for the wonderful book.  Not only was it informative and reassuring, it was a pleasure to read. I  feel like I know all the cats in the book personally and was quite moved by some of their stories."
CE, London

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